Police officers set up speed traps as a way to catch those who speed through larger cities and small towns. If you go even a few miles over the posted speed limit, you might walk away with a $100 ticket or an even higher ticket. Instead of cutting back on your speed, you can install a radar detector like the Whistler CR90 to keep yourself safe.

The Whistler CR90 radar detector is a compact little unit that can help you control your speeding and avoid the cameras and traps ahead of you on the road. Its best feature is that it can now identify and alert you of speed and other cameras located on traffic lights as well as speed traps.

Product Specifications

  • Its display technology uses a blue OLED type of text that is brighter than the standard red text used on other similar radar detectors
  • Has 360-degree Maxx Coverage that lets you know of any police cars, speed traps and lights in a 360-degree angle around your current location
  • Weighs just one pound when fully installed
  • Comes with blinking LED lights that act like a periscope alert to let you know of speed traps and other problems when the sound is turned down or on mute
  • Is compatible with the intelligent power cord that Whistler offers, which gives you access to the features of the radar detector remotely
  • Included in the box is a user guide that walks you through the process of installing and using the radar detector in your vehicle
  • An included dash pad acts like protective padding to keep the radar detector from sliding across your dashboard and from scratching the dash
  • The internal GSP feature can show you the exact location of hazards on the road ahead of you in most areas and regions of North America
  • New voice alerts inform you of problems and sound like a real person speaking to you
  • Has three internal modes that can monitor for law enforcement on city streets and on the highway

Pros/Cons of the Whistler CR90

  • Pros
  • CONS
  • Choose from six different filter modes based on your current location to keep the radar detector from picking up lights, radio signals and other things that will cause a false alert
  • Press the quiet button on the side of the radar detector to use the lights on the top and front as alerts instead of sounds
  • Get rid of those annoying and irritating beeping sounds that other radar detector use, and opt for the Real Voice setting on this model to enjoy the sound of a realistic human giving you alerts
  • Thanks to the blue OLED display on the CR90, you can now see alerts and other information in both the brightest and darkest of conditions
  • Plug this radar detector into the intelligent cord that Whistler makes to turn the detector on and off or use other features of the device while away from your car
  • Use its Traffic Flow Signal Rejection feature to keep the radar detector from picking up the signals used by other cars and other objects near you
  • Mount the radar detector right on your windshield or another window to keep it in a central location
  • Purchase an optional kit from Whistler to hide this radar detector from prying eyes as well as police officers who might pull you over
  • Monitor for all the laser bands used by law enforcement with one touch of a button
  • Use its internal GPS to find out exactly where police officers are on the road ahead of or behind you

Final Verdict

Unless you spend a lot of time driving in Mexico and other countries, you'll find that the Whistler CR90 is a solid radar detector.

Designed for use in North America, this device can monitor for the laser bands and other types of bands used by law enforcement in Canada and the United States.

Though you may want to purchase the optional intelligent cord that Whistler makes, the CR90 will work perfectly well without it. The Real Voice alerts used by this radar detector will make driving a more enjoyable experience.

You'll no longer jump because of a beeping or screeching sound in your car. Those voice alerts sound just like a trusted friend chatting with you on the highway.

Capable of use on both the highway and in crowded cities, this radar detector comes with different built-in filters that will block out the lasers and signals that might affect other radar detectors.

With the Whistler CR90, you can drive at the speed that you want all across the country without worrying that you might stumble across a speed trap or camera.

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