Speed happens, right? I tend to go too fast just following traffic (because everyone else is speeding) or because I’m late for something important. 

You want to avoid speeding tickets? 

Use my trick: I use police radar detectors that can remind me of my own speed and to protect me from expensive tickets. 

With extensive research, I figured out that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get a good speedtrap countermeasure. I put my money on the Escort Passport S75.

Top Choice

Escort Passport S75

This little gem has some really cool abilities! Not only can it detect any type of radar, it also senses lasers by using multiple diodes and can detect video cameras. I love that it has a database of camera locations in the U.S. and it allows me to mark my own “hotspots”! 

It’s definitely the best bang for your buck. Check it out!

Top 5 Radar Detector Reviews Under $200

1. Escort Passport S75

The Escort Passport S75 will help you avoid a ticket! It discriminates between scanning frequencies and uses GPS and artificial intelligence so that you get fewer false alarms. 

I really like the database of red lights and speed cameras in the U.S. The database knows the location of over 10,000 red light and speed sensing cameras and is regularly updated. 

My particular favorite is the fact that you can add your own “hot spots” to the database by using the “Mark Location” feature. 

You’ve got to admit, that’s pretty cool! 

You have to pay a small subscription fee for the service but it’s totally worth it if it saves you from getting even one ticket. 

I mean, just imagine knowing where each camera is and when to slow down.  What a relief, right? 

Plus, with over one million users in the Escort Live community, you get the additional protection of drivers in real-time. 

It has a great signal detection range and, combined with the Escort Live community, can provide an accurate picture of speed traps in your area. 

It might not have all of the bells and whistles of some of the higher priced models but it can do the job just as well. If you want to be aware of your speed and avoid tickets, and I know I do, then you need a car radar detector like this one.  

Because of its budget-friendly price, great technology and thriving community of users, this thing will pay for itself with the first speed trap that you avoid. This Escort radar detector exists for you and it’ll work for you.  Grab one today for under $190!

2. Escort Passport S55 High Performance

This radar and laser detector fits the budget and saves you money! 

The Escort Passport S55 is, as the name states, a high-performance piece of technology. It has this thing called “Auto-sensitivity mode”, which filters out false alarms from things like electric doors. That’s great because everyone gets beyond annoyed by these types of false alarms!

It gives long range warnings to let you know way ahead of time that there’s radar or a laser being used on you. I don’t like things being used on me that I didn’t ask for, so that’s certainly a nice touch!

I also quite enjoy the instant-on POP mode. It covers those random places where police are using technology other than just the traditional radar. 

This great little unit also links up with Escort Live to let you connect with the community and get real time info about speed traps or other set-ups that could get you in trouble because you simply forgot yourself for five minutes. Flying under the budget radar at less than $130, this is worth buying right now.

3. Cobra RAD 450

Cobra has a new, patented, technology called the IVT Filter System that lowers the number of false alerts you get. 

Unfortunately, the new “collision avoidance” systems in cars are giving off false alerts, but Cobra came up with a solution for that! Thanks to the filtering system it implements, you can expect all the alarms you get to be real.

This detector has up to a 2-mile range in flat, open areas.  That’s a good early warning system on long, boring stretches, right? 

And, it detects signals from the front and the rear, so they can’t get you coming and they can’t get you going, either! 

I think that the VoiceAlert system, which speaks up and tells me exactly what kind of radar or laser is being used, helps me to stay focused on my driving.

I mean, this is all about staying safe, so eyes on the road is always the best policy and having the detector talk to me is so much safer than having to look at a read out, isn’t it? 

The most difficult radar to detect is still the instant-on and Cobra’s got you covered there, too. Super-fast speed monitoring lets you know when a cop’s got a radar gun on you! While the Cobra might not have all the features available in a speed radar detector, it’ll definitely cover your tracks. 

The price point makes it a winner too, since it costs less than the average speeding ticket so avoiding one ticket – just one – makes it worth shelling out the dough before you go. Less than $130 will give you great peace of mind!

We've also reviewed other models from Cobra, click here to see them!

4. Radenso SP

The Radenso SP Radar & Laser Detector keeps the cops off your back

It’s got the fabulous false alarm technology that will filter out traffic sensors and blind-spot monitoring systems – just like some of the higher priced units – but at half the cost. 

It’s even got a separate TSR sensor for traffic lights, so it won’t drive you crazy by going off at every intersection. 

The OLED display makes it easy to read in any light conditions, and that’s important when the sun is rising or setting, in bright, bright daylight and at night. The red color of the display lights is the same color that astronomers use because it doesn’t interfere with your night-vision, so you can read the display in the dark, then look back at the road and you won’t see spots. 

And, this puppy has over 260 voice alerts!  It’s going to let you know what’s coming so you can keep your nose to the windshield. 

Maybe the best thing, in my opinion, is not just that it talks to you but that you can talk to an actual human being when you need support.  Support for the Radenso SP is U.S. based and free

All updates are also free. Radenso really wants your business and they’re going the extra mile to prove it.  Keep this one on your radar when shopping.  At under $200 it’s a great value and a true winner!

5. Whistler CR85

With 360 degrees of ticket protecting performance, the Whistler CR85 High Performance Laser Radar Detector gets the job done

I really like that it comes with a power cord AND the kit for direct wiring.  That way you can choose how you want to power the thing up.  

The optional Intellicord power cord is actually pretty cool because it allows you to remotely turn it on or off, switch to different city modes, dim or brighten the display and turn quiet mode on or off. 

Who doesn’t love remote options? 

Plus, the Whistler can detect pretty much every type of laser out there – they can’t all do that.  And those pesky “bursts” of POP radar – it can detect those, too.  No problem.

It’s got you covered on every frequency and every roadway with 3 city modes/highway modes to help reduce all of those annoying false alerts.  And those things can really get under anyone’s skin!  

The Whistler doesn’t make you want to throw it out the window because it goes off every time there’s a traffic light sensor or the car next to you has a collision avoidance system.  Don’t hesitate to check this out or even purchase it.  Less than $115 makes this unit a real steal!

Final Verdict

Escort Passport S75

Top Choice under $200 for the Money

With all of the research done, it’s time to buy.  

For my money, I choose the Passport Escort S75. All of the detectors reviewed have great features and are worth the money.

That being said, I’m going with the S75 and here’s a few reasons on why you should too: 

One, it gives you every important feature of the Escort Passport 9500IX at about half the price, including the database of speed and red light cameras and access to the Escort Live community. 

Two, it reads and captures every kind of laser and radar out there, including the sneaky POP guns. 

Three, it’s web-ready and easy to update. 

Last but not least, it has AutoLearn, which is an artificial intelligence function that learns what the “false alerts” are so that it can provide more accurate responses to the real deal. 

You’ve got to admit: that’s cutting edge and pretty amazing!