Ever worried about getting a speeding ticket?

When you’re running late, getting pulled over only makes you later, causes more stress and pulls hard-earned money from your wallet.

Don’t let it happen to you!

These Escort radar detectors can help you put those worries aside and get on with your day. Check out these reviews and get your Escort radar detector today!

Our Escort Radar Detector Pick

Escort iX

Do you want to avoid a speeding ticket?

If so, then the high-tech line of Escort radar detectors can help. We did the research and came to the conclusion that the Escort iX Long Range Radar Detector is the best bang for your buck

It has top-of-the-line features and won’t break the bank. The built in AI takes this detector into the future to give you both security and protection.

It’s not the cheapest radar detector but it’s definitely worth the money. Make this escort your passenger and you’ll feel safer, more aware and reassured every minute that you’re on the road!

Top 5 Escort Radar Detector Reviews

1. iX 

The Escort iX Long Range Radar Detector balances price and value. For less than $370 you can save yourself a lot of hassle, time and money. It’s the first on our list for a reason.


Because it’s packed full of features, it’s affordable and it can save you a lot of money in speeding tickets plus reduce your stress when you’re in a rush. What more can you ask for?

The Intelligent AutoLearn Technology alone is pretty amazing.  It uses GPS and exact frequency recognition to learn what is and isn’t police radar so that it can automatically reject fixed position false alarms. Driving through a city becomes a breeze with this advanced technology from Escort.

The long-range sensitivity to all of the major radar bands and the multiple laser recognizing diodes of the detector will help you know when you’re being targeted. Even the infamous POP radar gets detected early, so you can drive knowing that Escort has got you covered.

The advanced GPS false alarm system learns what is and isn’t a real signal in your regular driving area. No more false alarms from anti-collision systems or other modern devices that use radar and lasers!

Do you want to be able to just cruise comfortably?

The Escort iX Long Range Radar Detector also has a 20 mph – 160 mph cruise and over-speed alert function so you can relax and drive easy.  Find it now by clicking the link and end the headaches of worrying about those expensive tickets.

2. Redline EX

Want some control? The Escort Redline EX gives the user the ultimate control over a radar detector. 

That alone makes it worth the price tag, although it still comes in at under $600. 

If you want the best, then you’ve got to check out the full review of this detector. Reviews show that it’ll be worth the time and effort.

The Ka Segment Adjust and the RDR filtering system gives you the control that you crave and the IVT filter system is always updatable. Escort provides regular updates via the Web, so you don’t have to worry about it. These are fast and easy features that you’ll love!

It has dual antennas for maximum early warning radar recognition, creating the most effective early warning system on all radar bands.  The antennas create a 360-degree bubble of protection that goes with you everywhere, is always on and always working for you. If two heads are better than one, then so are two antennas, right?

The patented Intelligent Auto Learn Technology automatically rejects fixed position radar, so you can be free to drive without distraction from false signals.  This is cutting edge AI technology at your fingertips – a great thing to take advantage of right now.

It’s also got built in Bluetooth connectivity to the Escort Live app to keep you up to date about speed traps, camera locations and real-time speed limit information. Escort Live connects people in your area so if they see something, you know about it in real-time, ahead of time. That’s a huge bonus!

 You can’t go wrong with this one.

3. 9500IX

The Escort Passport 9500 IX can bring you some peace of mind. It’s another long-range model from Escort that includes some hot tech!

At less than $250 this Escort Passport radar detector can keep up with the big boys! 

With incredible long-range radar detection and multiple diodes to detect lasers the 9500 IX makes a great co-pilot. It sports a Quantum Limited Video Receiver, SiRFStar IV GPS and multiple front and rear lasers for 360-degree detection.

It reads every band of radar, from K to X to superwide Ka and even instant-on POP so that you can’t be caught by a radar gun hiding behind a billboard. Now that’s something to throw down some dough for!

The ultrabright, alphanumeric display uses red so that your night vision doesn’t get messed up.  You can look at the radar detector’s display, then look back at the road at night and not see spots. Astronomers have known this secret for years, now Escort brings it to you.

It can also be used with Escort’s Laser Shifter, providing the ultimate laser protection from police lasers.

Fully loaded with a database of over 10,000 red light and speed cameras, this is one of the best Escort laser radar detectors.  And, the database is constantly being updated so you can drive with ease. Whether driving to work or taking a trip, let the database be your lookout.

It’s easy to see why this radar detector gets great reviews!

Go check this one out today – it’s just a click away!

4. 8500X50

There’s one more Escort that you might want to look at before you decide which one to buy. The affordable, feature packed Escort Passport 8500X50 won’t hurt the wallet at less than $150.

This budget-friendly beast boasts many features of the higher priced models. It’s a great intro into the world of radar detection.

EZ-programming lets you instantly customize this gem for your needs and your driving situation.

It easily detects K, X, Ka radar and 940 nm, 33MHz bandwith lasers. Since those are the most common ways of catching someone speeding, this Escort model has got you covered.

It’s 360-degree radar and laser protection surrounds you with safety and the Auto Sensitivity mode will reduce those annoying false alarms. Multiple laser sensor diodes will detect anything pointed your way, so you can travel without worry when this unit is in your car. 

You’ve got to read the full review of this one!

The V-Tune radar receiver gives you early warning by scanning far ahead for any signal, including POP, hand-held radar guns. Knowing what’s coming is half the battle when trying to avoid speeding tickets, right?

This model keeps it quiet, too, by using Traffic Signal Recognition software (TSR) so that you’re not constantly aggravated by false alarms while driving in the city. The software is regularly updated on the web and includes thousands of known red-light and speed cameras across the U.S.

It’s definitely one to put on the list of possibilities from Escort! 

Read more with our full review!

5. X80

With ultra-fast response times to all bands of radar, this detector comes in at under $300 so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to get some protection. It’s a high-end radar and laser detector to keep your wallet safe from costly tickets.

Voice alerts allow you to stay focused on the road. You can even customize it with voice activated menu settings. Now that’s cool!
It reads all radar bands, including X, K, Ka and the sneaky Instant-on POP radar guns that are used to try to beat radar detectors. Sorry POP guns, this one’s got you beat!

Get crowd sourced alerts from the popular Escort Live app and let your community in on whatever speed traps that you find along the way. There’s an app for your smart phone and Bluetooth connectivity so you always get the latest updates in real-time.

The intuitive, multi-colored OLED display allows you to see your own speed and any threats that might be coming around the bend. Why leave it all to chance?
The Escort X80 will put you in control and the included 2-year warranty keeps the detector covered.  This one is a must see!

Final Verdict

Escort IX Long Range

The Escort iX Long Range Radar Detector races to the top of the list of best reviewed Escort radar detectors. The reasons abound, as it’s really a standout.

Why think when you can act?  Take action and let the Escort iX do its job, so you’ll always be in the know.

It can also actually learn what radar and laser signals are going to get you a ticket and what signals are coming from anti-collision systems and other things that can cause false alarms. That’s AI. That’s cutting edge.

The standard DSP technology and multiple laser sensors will create a circle of protection around your vehicle.

And let’s not forget the awesome Escort Live app that provides you with local, current and real-time information from other users in your area.

It’s a great “peace of mind” product at a great price, which makes it our top recommendation!